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Microsoft Word, Part 2 - Alumni


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How do I layout a document in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word has many layout tools and templates that can help you make your document easy to read and grab the attention your content deserves. In this Word training, you will learn page layout in Word by taking advantage of templates within the word processor or online, and even design text layout components using text boxes and columns yourself. Aside from layout techniques, discover tools that will make documents easier to create and edit so you can really take control of Word.

This class builds on foundational knowledge about creating saving and formatting simple texts in Microsoft Word. To develop the foundational knowledge of Word, visit our first Microsoft Word classes. Already a pro in page layout in Word? Review the lessons covered in our third and final Microsoft word training.

What you’ll learn about page layout in this Microsoft Word training:

This second Microsoft Word class will teach you the initial foundation needed to begin a project in Word. The skills you will develop include:

  1. Advanced file creation; Learn to use a template, or pre-designed document from Microsoft Word or from an online resource to create a design that best suits your needs and saves you design time.
  2. Text formatting and effects; In addition to text fonts, which was discussed in our first Microsoft Word class, learn how to create shadows, bevels, reflections and colors to your document text. Discover your favorite ways to make your documents stand out and change the order in which people read your content with advanced text formatting.
  3. Workspace tools; Save time while creating and editing documents by leveraging quick shortcuts and tools that can make your life easier as you work in Word such as the find and replace, grammar and spellcheck functions and Rowango App.
  4. Page layout; You don’t have to have a design background to design beautiful documents in Word. Find out how to set tabs on the page and create columns and alignment of your content and stylize headers and footers, to create a continuous look for each page of your Word document.
  5. Text boxes; Create text boxes that can draw the eye and help with the organization of text content on a page.

Who this Word page layout class is for:

This training caters to anyone seeking to better understand Microsoft Word as a beginning user or as someone who is unfamiliar in the current format of the Microsoft Word interface.

What you’ll earn in this Word layout training:

When you complete the Microsoft Word Part 2 training, you will not only receive skills that will help you to create nearly any kind of document, you will also receive a certificate to signify your new skills in page layout in Word.

Meet the instructor

Brent Scholar, PhD

Dr. Brent Scholar is an Instructor in the Faculty of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU. He is an experienced higher education professional. He is also the principal of Scholar Consulting since 2009, providing international leadership consulting and training for both nonprofit and for profit organizations.