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Microsoft Word, Part 1 - Alumni


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How do I use Microsoft Word?

This industry standard computer word processor allows you to write out documents from letters, books, research, reports and beyond. Knowing how to use Microsoft Word is an expected skill in many industries and can be a useful ability for personal projects. The first step to using Microsoft Word is opening the program and starting a document type. Secondly you will need to identify the text format to fit your desired file type and to save your document as you being your work.

In this first of three MIcrosoft Word classes, you’ll learn these first three steps to using Microsoft Word, so that you can start to use this program to create documents like reports, brochures, flyers and memos.

This class is self-paced, so that you can take the time you need to develop each skill and get hands-on experience with the tool. This way, you will learn how to use Microsoft Word through practice throughout the class!

What you’ll learn about in this Microsoft Word training:

This first Microsoft Word class will teach you the niital foundation needed to begin a project in Word. The skills you will develop include:

  1. Create a new blank document; learn where to find Microsoft Word within your computer and understand how to open a blank document or document template that fits your need.
  2. Save your document; saving your files is essential, even far before you’re done. Learn how to properly save your work as you progress.
  3. Format your text; make sure your document is formatted in a way that best suits your purpose, from creating a report, to a resume, your text formatting can make your document look more professional and legible.
  4. Learn how to format lists in Word; create lists of content in your document using numbers or symbols and learn how to embed lists in order to organize your thoughts and content.

Who this introduction Microsoft Word class designed for:

This training caters to anyone seeking to better understand Microsoft Word as a beginning user or as someone who is unfamiliar in the current format of the Microsoft Word interface.

What you’ll earn in this Microsoft Word training:

When you complete the Microsoft Word Part 1 class, you will not only receive skills that will help you to create nearly any kind of document, you will also receive a certificate to signify your new skills and dedication to learning Microsoft Word!

Meet the instructor

Jennifer L. S. Chandler, Ph.D.

Jennifer L. S. Chandler, Ph.D. teaches organizational leadership courses and researches organizational leadership practices among scientist and engineering teams who are tackling global sustainability challenges. She has also led projects, taught project management, trained project managers, and evaluated Project Management Programs for over 20 years working with international corporations, U. S. federal agencies, and U. S. national professional associations.