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Job Hunting - Alumni


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3.5 hours






Finding a job

In this job hunting course from Arizona State University, learn how you can put yourself in the best position to find a new job. This course explores four main aspects to finding a job:

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Networking
  • Professional skills
  • Writing your resume and cover letter

Job hunting course

With this course, you'll gain the professional skills necessary for your career development. You'll learn about the importance of networking and how to create opportunities when meeting new people. This class for jobs also covers how to make your resume and cover letter effective. The course culminates with a discussion on interviewing techniques for securing a job in your industry.

How will this course help me get a job?

This course covers topics that will prepare your to find a job. In thsi class for jobs, you'll create a formal learning plan to take actionable steps toward building your future career. Throughout your coursework, you'll discuss the stages of career development while you embark on your job search. You'll also learn about prime networking tools available, such as LinkedIn. With an innovative class to guide you in finding a job, you'll gain the edge your need to stand out among the competition.

Skills to improve your job hunt

A job hunting course from ASU will help you develop skills for improving your job search. With this finding a job class, you'll learn about writing and speaking clearly, being reachable and building community relationships throughout your job hunt. You'll discuss how to find projects to get involved in while looking for a job and preparing for your career. You'll also learn about how to keep your profiles up-to-date to improve your strategy for finding a job.

Earn skills that will help you beyond the interview

With this class for jobs, you'll gain transferable skills that reach beyond the interview and into your career. Master skills in active listening, shape your teamwork abilities and become the strong communicator you need to be successful in your industry. This finding a job class will help you reach your potential throughout your job search and into your profession.

What kind of job seekers will benefit from this?

Any student or professional looking to find employment will benefit from this job hunting course.


Meet the instructor

Brent Scholar, PhD

Dr. Brent Scholar is an Instructor in the faculty of leadership and interdisciplinary studies at ASU. He is an experienced higher education professional. Dr. Scholar is also the principal of Scholar Consulting since 2009, providing international leadership consulting and training for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.