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Exploring Team Roles and Processes - Alumni


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1.5 Hours






This course is available to ASU Alumni at a discount

What you'll learn:

Before a team can develop into an effective unit, members need to assume certain roles. A role is a set of behaviors, and each role should contribute to the team’s success. In this course you will learn about the most common types of team roles, the group development process, and practical advice for establishing an effective work environment for teams.

Modules and Content:

Students will examine how a team can develop into an effective unit. There will be activities and videos to support the key concepts of team roles and processes. The course has plenty of examples, case studies, and practical advice for advancing a team into a high performing unit. Several course assessments allow students to check for understanding of the course material.

Learning Objectives:

  • Map the stages of group development
  • Recognize the need for team leadership
  • Select team members
  • Choose the optimal team size
  • Define common team roles
  • Establish team rules Clarify team objectives
  • Make collective decisions


Meet the instructor

David Thomas, PhD

David A. Thomas is an experienced university teacher, management consultant, and business executive. David holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology as well as a Master of Business Administration Degree, both from the University of Southern California. His primary areas of expertise center on key factors that affect human performance, including adult learning and motivational theories, project management and team leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving.