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Decision Support Tools-Alumni


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1.5 Hours






This course is available to ASU Alumni at a discount

What you'll learn:

Computers are regarded as one of the best tools to support humans as they try to make decisions and solve problems. The data-processing ability of the computer also allows us to examine data in ways that we would likely overlook if we had to calculate things by hand. In this course, you will learn how to model decisions, describe their data quantitatively, and use different tools to analyze information. The material presented in this course contains manageable math that’s easy for everyone to understand, no matter their level.

Module and Content:

In this course, students are introduced to basic concepts of decision support tools that aid in objective decision-making. Students will apply what they have learned to real-world problems. There are several challenging activities supported by good and bad examples. Assessments will allow students to check for understanding of the course material.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand decision support systems.
  • Model decisions quantitatively.
  • Describe data objectively.
  • Work with formulas and functions.
  • Perform what-if analyses.
  • Weigh factors.
  • Create decision trees.
  • Use graphics to display data.


Meet the instructor

Marie Wallace, PhD

Dr. Marie Wallace is an applied anthropologist who specializes in social services,language usage and digital transformation in organizations. She earned her doctorate from American University and has postdoctoral work in technological literacies.