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Developing Reports and Proposals - Alumni


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1.5 Hours






This course is available to ASU Alumni at a discount

What you'll learn:

Reports and proposal documents are commonly used in organizational communication, and routine documents are often assigned to newer employees. It’s important to be familiar with developing reports and proposals, because employees are often asked to develop these for their team or to present to their leadership committee. The concepts and assignments covered in this course will give you the opportunity to learn how to plan, write, and develop reports and proposals.

Modules and Content:

As students work through the course, they will have the opportunity to solve relevant real-world problems. The course offers videos and activities that support the key concepts presented. Students will have plenty of opportunities to practice the skills they learn.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand reports and proposals.
  • Plan a report or proposal.
  • Write the beginning.
  • Write the body.
  • Create the end matter.
  • Write short reports.
  • Write proposals.
  • Cite sources.


Meet the instructor

Michael Rubinoff, PhD

Dr. Michael Rubinoff is a former deputy assistant secretary for Trade Adjustment Assistance in the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. He administered a federal grant program through ten regional operations along with three major industry outreach offices in Japan.