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Identifying and Defining Problems- Alumni


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1.5 Hours






What you'll learn:

Whether you are working in a large or small company, training to rejoin the workforce or preparing to start a career, you will spend a lot of time solving problems. Although problems can cause frustration and substantial difficulties, creative thinkers and successful professionals learn to view them as opportunities for improving a business, service or task because they compel you to recognize and confirm your goals. This course outlines the process of identifying and defining problems as part of the problem-solving process.

Module and Content:

Students will immerse themselves in a real-world case. For example, students will take on the role of an assistant to the vice president of finance at a travel company that’s been losing tour business. Students will also watch videos including “Good Job or Bad Job?” to assess different approaches to problems.

Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the problem-solving process.
    • Work with problem owners and stakeholders.
    • Analyze problems.
    • Develop effective problem statements.
    • Determine causes.
    • Simplify complex problems.
    • Identify and manage problem risk.
    • Avoid common problem-solving traps.


Meet the instructor

Matthew Rodgers

Matthew Rodgers is an Instructor for Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University. His academic interests are varied, and include South American literature, contemporary film studies, postmodernism, organizational studies and leadership, and design.

In his free time, he enjoys building websites, Jack Russell Terriers, and creating engaging learning environments. He also likes talking to students. Reach out to him anytime via @profrodgers on Twitter.