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Consumer Behavior - Alumni


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*This course is available to ASU Alumni at a discount.

What is consumer behavior?

A simple explanation for consumer behavior is the set of activities a person goes through in order to solve problems. In the case of marketing, consumer behavior studies the activities that buyers engage in in their process of purchasing products for personal, family, or group use. The study of consumer behavior has engaged philosophers, scientists, economists, social psychologists, and others seeking to understand the complex series of thoughts, needs, events and actions that lead to a purchase.

What you'll learn in this online marketing course:

  1. The stages of the consumer buying process
  2. The different buying processes for low-involvement and high-involvement decisions
  3. The major factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions
  4. The B2B buying process and key factors influencing B2B purchasing decisions

Who this consumer education course is for:

This online marketing course is for anyone seeking to better understand the factors that lead your customers to the solutions they choose for their needs and problems. Whether you're marketing professional, new to the field, or seeking to add skills to your current career, this course is organized for any level of marketing experience.

What you're earn in this online marketing class:

Upon completion, you will earn a consumer behavior certificate.

Meet the instructor

Matthew Rodgers

Matthew Rodgers is an Instructor for Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University. His academic interests are varied and include South American literature, contemporary film studies, postmodernism, organizational studies and leadership, and design. In his free time he enjoys building websites, Jack Russell Terriers, and creating engaging learning environments. He also likes talking to students. Reach out to him anytime via @profrodgers on Twitter.