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Integrating Agile and Waterfall Practices - Alumni


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4 hours






What is Agile training?

Agile training helps teams resolve many of the common issues that arise when integrating Agile and Waterfall project management practices. Agile professionals will learn how to better diagnose and solve underlying problems that may be hindering the performance of Agile teams.

Why is Agile important for my team?

Agile is important because it can help solve some of the common productivity and communication struggles your team may face. Agile is an iterative approach to project management where a team produces a project incrementally instead of all at once. This approach gives teams more opportunities to receive stakeholder feedback and adapt to change. This flexible process also facilitates communication and continuous improvement.

Topics included in this Agile training

In this course, you’ll read 20 short case studies. Each case study simulates common collaboration challenges that can occur when Waterfall and Agile teams work together. As you analyze the case studies, you’ll learn how to deconstruct these problems and identify strategies to resolve them. These practical exercises will help you translate what you’ve learned to your current Agile team or job. After the course, you’ll be able to create an environment that fosters effective collaboration between several teams with different ways of working.

This Agile training course will help you:

  • Apply practical tips from experienced practitioners to correct common Waterfall and Agile integration problems.
  • Recognize the problems that Agile and Waterfall collaborators contend with on a regular basis.
  • Refine and perfect your skills so you can create an environment that enhances the working relationships with your partners and collaborators.


Who this Agile training is designed for:

This is an intermediate-level Agile training course. It is designed for project management professionals who want to learn how to better foster collaboration between Waterfall and Agile teams. The course could also be beneficial for teams transitioning from Waterfall to Agile.


What you'll receive:

You'll earn a Certificate of Completion stating the title of the course and the number of hours to complete


Meet the instructor

Daniel Zollo

Daniel Zollo is a Senior Project Manager at Arizona state University. Daniel has been PMP certified since 2012 but has spent his most recent years focused as an Agile PM. He is Agile Practitioner certified and uses Scrum methodology to manage multiple teams and projects for the EdPlus marketing team. Daniel enjoys the emphasis Agile puts on people and collaboration.