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Challenges for Agile Teams - Alumni


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5 hours






Agile training to navigate team challenges

In this Agile training course, you’ll study real-life scenarios designed to improve your skills as a project manager. The course consists of 20 short case studies that test your knowledge of Agile practices. Each case study pulls from real experiences to simulate the common interactions that occur on Agile projects.

In the course, you'll analyze each scenario to identify and diagnose the underlying problems. Then you'll learn how to deconstruct these disputes and find an appropriate solution. This process will help you gain the skills you need to improve the communication and function of your Agile team.

Gain skills to create an Agile team

This course will help you learn the essential problem-solving skills needed to maximize the performance of Agile teams. You’ll learn how to navigate common challenges and guide your Agile team toward successful project completion.

This Agile training course will cover how to:

  • Apply practical tips from experienced practitioners to resolve common Agile team problems.
  • Identify the underlying issues that lead to common problems for Agile teams.
  • Sharpen and enhance your skills as you create an effective environment for your Agile team to work in.

Who this Agile training is designed for:

This is an intermediate-level Agile training course. It is designed for current project managers looking to better understand the challenges facing their Agile teams.

What you'll receive in this agile course:

You'll earn a Certificate of Completion stating the title of the course and the number of hours to complete


Meet the instructor

Kevin Ellsworth

Kevin Ellsworth is a principal lecturer and faculty head of leadership and interdisciplinary studies in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University. He joined the then four-year-old program in 2001. He served as faculty director from 2003 through 2009. During this time, he transformed it into one of the nation’s five most outstanding interdisciplinary studies degrees.

Ellsworth leads a dynamic and creative faculty that has designed the curriculum and teaches the courses to more than 5,000 student majors in three very successful degrees at ASU. These degrees include organizational leadership, interdisciplinary studies and liberal studies. Ellsworth teaches International Organization and Applied Interdisciplinary Studies. He serves as a university ombudsperson on the University Hearing Board and many other faculty committees.